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Blueprint Cane Corso Kennel is a New York Cane Corso breeder in New York breeding cane corso puppies and cane corso for sale.  We are a successful cane corso breeders that has strive to make the best cane corso puppies.  We are proud of the Elite cane corso mastiff  that have graced in Europe and United States.    We are located in small town in New Windsor, New York we have been breeding for the past 19 years improving the breeding of Italian Mastiff  structure, temperament, health, working ability and  ultimate personal/family protection.  We only breed with the old original Italian Bloodline.  We started breeding Cane Corso puppies in Europe in 1996 were we visited several Cane Corso breeder kennels in Italy .  We learned a lot from the breeders it showed us why the Cane Corso dogs were the best choice and this was the best bloodline. They gave us so much knowledge on the history and why the cane corso mastiff had demolished there style so much due to wrongfully backyard breeders.  Or a cane corso breeder trying to make money and not improve the quality of Cane Corsos.      

    My first  show dog was Italian Vice World Champion TuonoI couldnt believe I had been given this beautiful brindle male and made him champion not just in Italy but in several other countries.  He is one of the most known and best temperament and excellent hip reproducers  as of to date.  His offspring have given me the best heads, health and bone structure.    I began importing cane corso adults and cane corso puppies from Italy, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Czech, Holland, France, Romania & Israel.  I only selected Cane Corso Champions bloodlines with excellent Temperaments, Health, Intelligences, Beauty, & within the FCI standard.

    Over  the years our Blueprint Cane Corso Kennels have left their stamp on the Cane Corso breeders and is still leaving their stamp on the breed today. You will find our bloodline of Blueprint Cane Corso Kennels in European and American breeder lines today. This shows that even other cane corso breeders around the world feel we are making a difference in the Cane Corso world. That has given us the edge on bringing in good future prospects for breeding here in the United States and giving the best price for quality puppies for sale.   

   Our goal here at Blueprint Cane Corso is to produce the old true southern bloodlines to the Italian type.  We breed for QUALITY not QUANTITY.   We shunned the mass-production approach because we think a smaller operation is the best way to ensure a high standard of dog. Every Italian mastiff has to have  atleast 4 champions  up to the 3rd generations with good health.  They must have  Italian Champion Cane Corso in them either bred by a champion or in the bloodline.

    You will find our old South Italian  cane corso bloodline is far the best blood in the USA.   You will see others going this route in the future. 







A true Cane Corso 

          As a Italian Mastiff breeder, I make an excellent income from the Military, not from breeding cane corsos. Breeding Cane Corso is my passion not my income. My intent is to help the breed, not contribute to it's demise. Because my livelihood is not made from selling and importing Cane Corsos I'm able too:

Stand Behind my cane corso puppies
Honestly critique my Kennel (not just to make a sell)
Offer our cane corso mastiffs at a fair price
Give lifetime help on our dogs

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Our breeding standards at Blueprint Kennels will be selective, with written guarantees, health guarantees limited registration, and of course spay/neuter contracts. Our puppies are all hand reared from birth and come with all updated vaccinations, dewormed x4, tail docking, and ear cropping with additional charge.

   We offer puppies for sale at a high quality affordable price.  If you want a real dog, mastiff, puppy, Cane Corso, and than you are at the right Kennel.  Cane corso dog shows don’t make a puppy.  Quality cane corso reproducers make elite cane corso puppies.   We cater to all needs: Pet, Show, Working,& Personal Protection. We have many satisfied customers, references are always available.  Make sure you visit the testimonial page


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